How to sell a car in Florida

Before the Sale

In florida, tags are possessed by the owern and not the car. Before the sell of a car, the seller has to go to the motor vehicle office and get a temporary tag. This only applies if the seller needs the existing tag for a new car. If not, the existing tag can be removed and kept in the seller’s personal posession.

During the sale

The Seller must remove all leins from the title and complete the bottom portion of the title. This includes all pertinent information, including names, odomoter readings, and sell price. Afterwards, the buyer must take and complete additional information at the motor vehicle service center to finalize the transfer into the buyer’s name.

Seller Liability

The Seller should also complete form 82050 and take it to a motor vehicle service center to have it filed.  Once filed, it becomes the buyers’s responsibility to apply for the title and registration before he/she can legally operate the motor vehicle. If the buyer fails to do this, and the seller does NOT file form HSMV 82050, the seller can be held liable for actions associated with the motor vehicle, even if they no longer own the vehicle. 

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